Simple Kitchen Pleasures.
What could be more kitchen-fun than using a simple, lightweight ovenware? Leave your heavy and breakable ovenware on the sideline, AGLAS impact resistant ovenware will bring you enjoyable cooking and meal time!

We keep creating neoteric innovation with new ideas; in addition, products under your specifications and designs are accepted. Either ODM or OEM service is available at AGLAS. You are sincerely invited to be AGLAS partner, stay with AGLAS!
Pie plate with ears -amber
Pie plate with ears -navy blue
Pie plate with ears -aqua green
Multipurpose rectangular baker -amber
Square roater -navy blue
Pie plate -navy blue
Lasagna pan -amber
Oval roaster -navy blue
loaf pan -aqua green
Rectangular cooie pan -amber
Rectangular roaster -navy blue
Serve-bake with holder-navy blue
Round casserole with ears & lid -amber
Round casserole with lid -navy blue
Oval casserole with lid -amber
Pie plate with ears
Multipurpose rectangular baker
Oval roaster
Lasagna pan
Loaf pan
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